The Power of Preservation

The Ipswich Heritage Club aims to support and represent the owners of Ipswich Heritage property.

Our Statement of Objectives document can be downloaded here.

The Ipswich Heritage Club was founded in 2017 by June Frank of Walkers Real Estate and James Sturges of Llewellyn Motors. June and James are both proud citizens of Ipswich and for over 30 years have supported the Ipswich Community through various initiatives. June and James saw a need for an organisation to bring together and support the owners of Ipswich Heritage property.

A driving force behind the club is to provide reliable resources to heritage property owners. This is an integral element to owning a heritage property. There has not been a comprehensive study on the Heritage Property of Ipswich since 1991, despite the fact that these properties have continued to evolve with new owners. With the assistance of Ipswich City Council, the Club will assist owners to source the history of their property and publish this information online for the community and future generations. The Club will also provide a database of qualified and vetted tradespeople and suppliers to assist members in the restoration and renovation of their properties.

The Ipswich Heritage Club will host 10 nights throughout the year to acknowledge and reward homeowners on their journey of restoration or maintenance, however humble. Our meetings will encompass promoting local businesses, sharing stories, providing information, member’s only swap meets…very much a community of support and resources. We are a non-governed body, which allows us to speak freely and rally local, state or federal government when needed.

Membership is $150 per person for 12 months from month of joining. The monthly meets will be catered and included in your membership. For non-members there will be a cover charge to attend each meeting.


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