Hello & Welcome!

Well, hello there and welcome to the Ipswich Heritage Club! It is so exciting to finally have a platform to celebrate and support the wonderful owners of Heritage property within Ipswich.

‘Notnel’ c1861 – Image courtesy of Picture Ipswich

Owning a heritage property is an undertaking not many understand or appreciate unless you have walked the undulating path of restoration…it is relentless and sometimes may feel unrewarding. Especially if you happen to be the custodian of a National Heritage listed property…you my friends are the true champions.

The Ipswich Heritage Club is going to re-ignite your passion & provide support in every aspect of your journey. This will involve gathering on a regular basis, along with fine food and liquid refreshments…of course.

We will feature amazing homes and their owners on their journey, be it restoration, renovation or the ongoing maintenance of properties of all shapes and sizes.

There is still a lot of work for us to do before our launch but in the mean time, please call or email if you have any burning questions you need help with immediately.

e: admin@ipswichheritageclub.com /  ph: 0434 345 871