Built in 1895 for Richard Watson and his wife, Elamang, is a magnificent example of Victorian architecture. Located in East Ipswich, the property originally covered 22 acres, fronting Watson Street, Fox Street and Brisbane Road, and included stables and tennis courts.

Richard Watson, with his brothers and brother-in-law, establisted the successful Ipswich butchery firm, Messers Watson Bros and McLeod. Mr Watson served as Mayor of Ipswich (1911 -1912), Councillor to Bundamba Shire (1904 to 1910) and Brassall Shire (1914 – 1916), and Alderman (Ipswich City Council 1907 – 1920). On his death in 1928, an obituary in the Brisbane Time said  Mr Watson carried out his Mayoral duties with distinction.

Photo Elemang 1900 – 1910, Image courtesy of Picture Ipswich, Ipswich City Council

In 1924, Elamang was bought by Mr H. S Cribb’s son, Rex, and his wife. Although the Cribb family maintained the stables, the property’s size decreased from the original 22 acres to 3.

The property remained in the Cribb family until 1950, when it was sold to the Queensland Times, who converted the property to four flats for use by it’s employees.

Proposed Conversion of Residence into 4 flats for QLD Times Pty Ltd Brisbane Rd Booval

In 1965, Mr C W Gorbul purchased the property. The property was later purchased by the Pisasle family.

Elamang, as purchased by Mr and Ms Petersen

In 1984, the property was purchased by Ben and Valma Petersen.

In a huge undertaking, the Petersen’s converted the property back from flats into a six bedroom residence. They unveiled the previously enclosed verandahs and restored the cast iron lacework visible in early photographs. The roof was replaced and years of work with carpenters, painters and plumbers have brought this beauty back to life.

Despite the changes it has gone through over the years, Elamang has retained many of its original features.

Fortunately, when converting the property into flats, the original central hallway was preserved and enclosed, retaining the original cedar and allowing the Petersen’s to reveal the original floor plan.  The property also retains the original four Italian marble back to back fireplaces (two of which have been converted to gas), which would have been shipped from Italy at great expense.

Outside, the original sweeping staircase leads to an outstanding central gable frontispiece with intricate fretwork with double post front and side.  Elamang also retains the original cast iron crests, adoring the roof ridges, and the chimney.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication by Ben and Valma Petersen, Elamang today is a beautiful home.

Elamang 2016, photo by Shri Adigopula, Open2View

A tremendous thank you to the current owner of Elamang and Ipswich Heritage Club member, Val Petersen, for providing this information and many of the images included.

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